Saving and Enhancing Your Memories via Video

Couples' Stories

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Boy meets girl. They date. They introduce each other to their respective parents. They get engaged. Then married. The end.


Not when it's you or someone you love.

Among all the events in the planning of a formal wedding are, of course, the photography and the videography-- the shooting of stills and video as a permanent memento of that day.

But isn't there more to the story than that? Who are these people? What was their childhood like? What about their family history? How did they meet? What do they like to do together? What are their hopes and dreams?
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A Tribute New York video can answer these questions in a documentary style telling of the couple's story, from family, to friends, to forevers.

It is shown in a theatrical setting at the wedding reception. It will bring tears to their eyes as well as the eyes of everyone there.

After the wedding, it is appended with wedding scenes and distributed as a keepsake on DVD or flash drive-- or placed on their own Facebook page!
Jen & Greg Wedding (Excerpt)
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Produced many years ago, this video still captures the lives and love of Jennifer & Greg. In a unique twist, footage from the actual wedding was edited into the video just before it was shown at the wedding reception.
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