Saving and Enhancing Your Memories via Video

Business Stories

Company Historical Footage
How did your company start? With the vision of one person, or a small group of people, who led the company until it stood on it's own. Then, he or she recruited new leaders, again, exceptional individuals, and so on.

Companies, arts groups, and charitable institutions are, in the end, made up of the people who give their best for the success of the company. A video tribute telling the founder's story, a retiree's story, or the stories of "average" workers can document their efforts and inspire others.
And the company itself? It is steeped in history, and woven into the fabric of its time and place. Company histories, anniversaries, mergers, and other events call for the kinds of tributes we produce for companies and organizations.

While you may produce these for a specific event, they have a shelf life that far exceeds just one night. These are video stories that will be shown at orientations, tours, and to potential customers or donors.
Company History Video
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So honor your founder, or achievers, or retirees. Know that their stories are part of the fabric of the company, and that this so-called one time show is actually an investment-- a marketing costs-- that will last for many business cycles to come.
Sample: Generac Company Founder and Chairman Retires