Saving and Enhancing Your Memories via Video

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As we grow older and have families of our own, we think back on our childhood, recalling our memories of Holidays, Birthdays , Summer Vacations, Little League, Graduation and of course other special occasions. We captured them on film, tape and slides all saved in a box or an album to look at for a rainy Day.

Don't let those pictures go to waste.

Let Tribute take those pictures and bring them to life in a moving presentation that will keep your family mesmerized in front of your television-- your children watching you grow up in front of their eyes. Bring back those memories of your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends so that Your Family History won't be forgotten.

For lasting value and historical significance, interview the honoree and his or her own words part of the story.

Our videos are digital, so your keepsake can be seen as a DVD, ipod video, web video, digital video file, or whatever your future ancestors can play!

Tributes help your memories live on forever.

Aunt Winnie (Excerpt)
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Excerpted from a Tribute video produced for a 90 year old and her family. Shows interview approach, and a segment about her late husband, follwed by an excerpt from the finale
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Gerald Bowdren Story

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At a memorial following his passing, this video was shown to celebrate the life and accomplishments of a favorite Uncle and Father. Location video shot at earlier family reunions shows playful banter between the subject and his brother, and there is also the use of historical video to emphasize the place where he grew up-- Washington Heights, New York City
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