Saving and Enhancing Your Memories via Video

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Tribute Video produces Life Histories, Wedding Couple stories, Reunion videos, TV Spots, Music Videos, retirement tributes, yearbook videos, company histories, and other historically based media for DVD, the web, and digital distribution. We specialize in bringing photos, clippings, memorabilia, films, and old videos to life in a full length story that will become a keepsake for you, your family, your friends and co-workers.
There's more to a wedding video than documenting the wedding. What about the couple's story? Where did they come from? What's the two families like? How did they meet? How do they spend their time? How do they express their love? These are all things that should be explored before the wedding, and shown during the wedding reception of dinner. Tribute excels at these stories, creating riveting "centerpiece" media that will bring tears of joy and laughter.
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reunion photo
Family gatherings are a wonderful thing, but they also bring sadness when they shrink because of attrition. Tell the family story-- heritage, wedding, kids, jobs, achievements, and of course pictures and videos from past reunions-- in a cohesive video story. It can be the centerpiece of your next reunion, and preserve memory of all the attendees for future generations.
Milestone birthdays call for a tribute, whether it's the big 4-0; the 50th, the 80th or just for the heck of it. People have amazing stories-- what did Uncle Joe do in the War? What did Aunt Winnie do for a living? They have complex, meaningful lives within and outside of their families. They have boxes of photos, films, awards, newspaper clipping, and all of this adds incredible texture to an understanding of their lives. Why not produce a video tribute that let's everyone present (and many more that are not) know the real Uncle Joe or Aunt Winnie-- the newborn, the tike, the teen, the working person, the family person, the elder statesman? You can even go the extra mile and let them tell their story through an on camera interview.
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